Harvard Rescinds Acceptance of a Parkland Grad

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Harvard rescinded the admission of a Parkland grad who recently finished a gap year.

There are many folks out there who believe that our nation’s elite colleges, like the Ivy League colleges, only seek to admit liberal students. That, of course, is a false narrative. To buttress this narrative, many argue that these schools are bastions of liberalism. And they’re not wrong. Ivy League professors are overwhelmingly liberal. So too are admissions officers, the very folks evaluating students’ cases for admission. But these same folks have a mission: to admit a diverse class of students from all backgrounds, a group of students who see the world from different vantage points. And that very diversity includes diversity of thought. So you bet college admissions officers seek to admit conservative applicants just as they seek to admit liberal ones when politics happen to be on display in their applications.

Elite Colleges Value Diversity of Thought

Politics happened to be on display in the application of Kyle Kashuv to Harvard University. It was impossible for such politics not to be on display as Kashuv, a Parkland survivor, has become an outspoken, pro-gun pundit and has used his platform as a graduate of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School to advance his conservative platform. It was a conservative platform that helped him earn admission to Harvard University because like all highly selective colleges, Harvard understand and appreciates the value in diversity of thought. But Kashuv will not be attending Harvard next year as his admission — issued just three months ago — has been rescinded.

But Elite Colleges Will Not Tolerate Racist Language

And why? Not because of his pro-gun stance. No, his admission was rescinded because some of his past comments have come to light, past comments that include explicitly racist language. The use of racist or homophobic language is, of course, cause for the revocation of an offer of admission. In fact, not only do all of our nation’s elite colleges offer admission under the condition that students’ academic performance and behavior known to them is and remains admirable, but Harvard has previously set precedent by revoking offers of admission to students who use racist language.

So it should come as no surprise that Kyle Kashuv’s recent admission to Harvard has been revoked — not because of his outspoken conservative viewpoints (that’s likely a big reason why he did get in!), but because of his use of abhorrent, racist language. And Harvard, of course, made the right decision.


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  • BS says:

    How many black students from T. M. Landry, who falsified their applications, had their admissions revoked by Harvard? I hope the Parkland student sues for blatant racial discrimination by the admissions office. Yes, the white student is a bad guy, but the black students are helpless victims, as usual.

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