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Harvard Basketball Player, Harvard NBA Figure, Harvard NBA Basketball Player

Jeremy Lin of the Houston Rockets is a great example of an Ivy League athlete who made it in pro sports.

Remember Linsanity? Harvard NBA player Jeremy Lin had a breakout February 2012, rising from the guy at the end of the bench to the new sensation in pro basketball for the big-market New York Knicks. His scoring and assists tallies were phenomenal, eclipsing some of the great point guards in the NBA. The remarkable young man who happens to be Asian American, a rarity in American pro sports, became an overnight sensation and the Knicks went on a roll. They started winning…and winning some more. But then Carmelo Anthony came back to the rotation and Lin got injured. The Houston Rockets offered him a major four-year deal, one the Knicks chose not to match at the last minute (perhaps because Carmelo Anthony lobbied against it). And so Jeremy Lin, the greatest basketball player to come out of the Ivy League since, well, Bill Bradley (sorry, Chris Dudley), became a Houston Rocket.

If you’re wondering how the Harvard standout is doing with the Rockets, he’s doing alright. Is he putting up ridiculous numbers? Not so much so far this year. His numbers are certainly decent and his turnovers are down dramatically. But he’s not the sensation that he was in February. Could he be again? Maybe. We’re hoping so. But he’s become a solid point guard for a young Houston Rockets team that’s led by James Harden. He’s essentially still a rookie since he hasn’t started a full season and give the guy a break. He’s learning the game at the highest level.

He’s a floor general and a good one at that. It’ll take time for him to become a regular all-star year in and year out but we suspect he’ll be an all-star eventually. What he showed the world in February was no fluke. He’s a talent and he’s an excellent example of an Ivy League athlete who made it in sports. And that’s exactly why we’re writing about him (if you were wondering)! And we’ll continue to write about him throughout the course of his NBA career. We’re fans!

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