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More women will be a part of the incoming class of students at the Harvard Business School than ever before (photo credit: Chensiyuan).

The incoming class of MBAs at Harvard is a bit different than every class of Harvard MBAs that have come before. According to the “Harvard Crimson,” a record 39% of incoming students will be female…up from 36% the previous two years. Of incoming students, 43% have humanities/social sciences bachelor degrees, while 36% have engineering, natural sciences, or technical bachelor degrees. 20% have degrees in business administration.

As far as career tracks, 21% of the incoming students hail from consulting backgrounds, while 14% come from manufacturing, 13% from venture capital or private equity, 12% from financial services, and 9% from high-tech or communications. 66% are from the United States while 13% hail from Asia and 10% from Europe, all according to the “Harvard Crimson.”

Writes Leanna Ehrlich in the “Harvard Crimson,” “The admission and yield rates have remained relatively constant in recent years. 12 percent of 9,134 applicants were admitted to the Class of 2013, compared with 11 percent of 9,524 applicants for 2012. The yield rate rose slightly from 89 percent to 90 percent.” What do you think of the changes with Harvard MBA admission? Do you think these recent trends will continue? Let us know your thoughts by posting below! And check our our recent post on MBA admission as well as the article on Harvard MBA admission in the “Harvard Crimson.”


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