Harvard Grad Thanks 6th Grade Teacher

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We salute Harvard for their wonderful gesture to a teacher.

Our earliest teachers are often our most important teachers. Harvard University and one of its graduating students took the opportunity to recognize one such teacher this commencement season. As “CNN” reports in an inspiring piece entitled “A 6th-grade teacher wrote ‘Invite me to your Harvard graduation!’ — 21 years later, the student did just that,” a student receiving her doctorate in public health invited her favorite childhood teacher to her commencement ceremony. But she didn’t just invite this teacher to her commencement ceremony because she was her favorite and most inspiring teacher. She invited this teacher to the ceremony because the teacher foretold her graduation from Harvard.

Harvard Extends Commencement Invitation to Teacher

You see, back when the student, Christin Gilmer, was a sixth grade student, her teacher in all subjects, Mrs. Toensing, wrote her a note that read, “Spelling 98%. It has been a joy to have you in class, keep up the good work! Invite me to your Harvard graduation! Gold Honor Roll!” 21 years later, Christin Gilmer did just that. And it wasn’t just her former student that invited Mrs. Toensing to the commencement ceremony — Harvard University extended a special invitation, even praising her dedication to her craft during the ceremony. What an honor indeed!

As Andrea Diaz reports in her piece for “CNN,” “‘It meant a lot to me to know that outside my mom, someone who knew me so intimately believed in my dreams and my ability to accomplish them,’ Gilmer told CNN. Gilmer, who wrote a thank you note prior to her graduation, said Toensing was the first person to encourage her in the journey of studying public health. ‘Ms. Judy Toensing, taught me about current events, global health, and human rights. She was the first person who passionately conveyed the plight of people living with HIV/AIDS to me,’ the letter said. This letter quickly grabbed the attention of school administrators, who decided to honor Toensing by inviting her to the 2018 Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health’s convocation, at no cost to her. Dean Michelle Williams thanked Toensing — and all public school teachers — for the ‘immeasurably important’ work they do.”

What a nice story for this commencement season!


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