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Harvard will be meeting at committee tomorrow to discuss waitlisted candidates, according to our reliable source (photo credit: Chensiyuan).

EXCLUSIVE: Sometimes we offer commentary on news articles on highly selective college admissions on this blog. Sometimes we offer advice on the admissions process. And sometimes we break college admissions news. Today, we’re breaking news. Harvard College will be going to their waitlist this year. That’s right, they’ll be admitting students who were previously waitlisted. Depending on the yield that comes in on May 1st, not every college always goes to their waitlist (as an example, Carnegie Mellon did not go to their waitlist this year…and we’ll have more on this later). But Harvard will be meeting at committee tomorrow (Friday) to discuss who should be taken off the waitlist and offered admission to the university.

That’s right, waitlisted students at Harvard. Harvard is going to committee tomorrow, according to a reliable source of ours. Also according to this source, about a couple of hundred students Harvard admitted hadn’t yet sent in their answer to them as of May 1st. Can you imagine getting into Harvard and forgetting to let the university know that you intend to enroll? Oy vey. Needless to say, our students would never make such a mistake. We’re not sure if it’s forgetfulness, laziness…who knows. But it is quite strange.

There was a time some years ago when Harvard had a transfer admissions process but it turns out they admitted no transfers that year (we have not forgotten!). We thought that was unacceptable. Why put students through the paces of applying and accept their application fees when they don’t end up admitting any transfers? It wasn’t right. And while this breaking news does not concern transfer admission, we’re sure glad that Harvard will be going to their waitlist this year. Good luck to students on the Harvard waitlist!


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  • Molly says:

    Was there any indication of how many students they would be taking off the waitlist? Also if a student does not respond by May 1st-does that mean they have lost their spot at the univeristy?

  • Mary Sue says:

    Thank you for this informative article! Did your source tell you how many students are actually on this year’s waitlist and/or how deep Harvard will go into it? Also, are the couple hundred students who failed to reply (oy is right!) just SOL, or does Harvard send a reminder email?

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