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Congratulations to the Harvard football program on their Ivy League outright title and undefeated season.

Congratulations, Harvard football! It was an exciting Saturday to round out the action for the 2014 Ivy League football season. With a 31-24 defeat of Yale University on Saturday — in a come-from-behind win — Harvard University completed their 2014 season in undefeated fashion (as one of only three major college football programs to do so this year). The game, as we’ve previously noted, marked the first time in the storied Harvard-Yale rivalry where the captains for both teams were African American. And their teams sure did put on a good game. Yale busted out to an early lead, Harvard took over, and then Yale clawed back. But it wasn’t enough to topple the undefeated Crimson, who have won fourteen straight games…yes, fourteen! Only the defending National Champion Florida State Seminoles have a longer winning streak in college football these days. That’s fairly impressive. Harvard hasn’t even lost consecutive games in eight years!

But the Ivy League wasn’t only about Harvard this year. It was also about the resurgence of a team that has been the Ivy League’s winningest program in history — Dartmouth College. Dartmouth destroyed Princeton on Saturday and, had Yale held on against Harvard, they would have ended the season with a share of the Ivy League title (splitting it with Harvard). Dartmouth’s football program is indeed back on the map and we’d like to congratulate both Harvard and Dartmouth on their phenomenal seasons.

And to the NCAA, we’d really like to see the Ivy League champion — in this case, Harvard — compete on in the playoffs. Why can’t they have a shot at an NCAA title? Alright, so FSU vs. Harvard would be ridiculous to watch, but we believe that every team deserves a shot to compete for an NCAA championship. Even a team from the Ivy League.

Congratulations to the Harvard football program on their Ivy League title and undefeated season. Well done.


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