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December 15, 2019

Harvard Class of 2024 Early Action Statistics

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Congratulations to all of Ivy Coach’s Early Action applicants to Harvard. You all got in.

Harvard University offered admission to 895 students this Early Action cycle, extending these young people an opportunity to be members of Harvard’s Class of 2024. These 895 students were admitted out of an applicant pool of 6,424 students. By our math, this marks an Early Action admission rate of about 13.9%. This figure compares to 13.4% for Harvard’s Class of 2023 Early Action pool. The 13.9% admit rate for this year’s Early pool marks the second lowest admit EA admit rate in the university’s history, trailing only last year’s. And how did Ivy Coach’s students fare this Early Action cycle at Harvard? Like at every Ivy League school that has thus far release decisions, it was a perfect sweep. Every one of Ivy Coach’s applicants earned admission to Harvard this Early Action cycle — and we congratulate each of them on their extraordinary achievement.

Breakdown of the Harvard Class of 2024 Early Action Admits

So how exactly do the admits break down by gender, race, and all that good stuff? Wonder no more as we’ve got the admissions statistics for Harvard’s admitted Early Action students to the Class of 2024. Women comprise 51.7% of admitted students, while men comprise 48.3%. That same figure for women stood at 51.2% last Early Action cycle for Harvard’s Class of 2023. And it stood at 47.2% for the Class of 2022. Notice a trend? We do, we do! International students make up 9.6% of admits, a figure that’s down from 11.2% for the Class of 2023 though it’s up from 8.2% for the Class of 2022.

And in a year in which Harvard claimed victory in a federal lawsuit in which the school was accused of discriminating against Asian American applicants on the basis of their race, Asian Americans comprise 24% of Harvard’s EA admits to the Class of 2024 (down from 26.1% last year when the school was much more worried about losing the federal suit — though it will be appealed). African Americans comprise 12.7% of admits, up 0.7 from last year. Latinx students comprise 11.1% of admits, up 1% from last year. And Native Americans and Native Hawaiians comprise 1.3%, up 0.3% from last year. So the percentage of admits who are considered underrepresented minorities is up while the percentage of admits who are considered overrepresented minorities is down. Interesting, indeed!

Congratulations to all students who earned admission in the Early Action round to Harvard University’s Class of 2024, a group that includes all of Ivy Coach’s Harvard applicants. We are so proud of you! And if you weren’t an Ivy Coach student this Early cycle and you happened to be deferred or denied admission at Harvard, we can help. So fill out our free consult form today. Indicate whether you were deferred or denied at the bottom. And we’ll then be in touch.

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