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March 29, 2020

Harvard Class of 2024 Admissions Statistics

Harvard has released Regular decision notifications for the Class of 2024.

Harvard University has notified Regular Decision applicants of their admissions decisions. In all, 40,248 students applied in either the Early Action or Regular Decision rounds to the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based university in the hope of earning admission to its Class of 2024. Of these applicants, 1,980 earned admission in the RD round from the pool of 33,824 RD applicants. These 1,980 admits — the vast majority of whom we anticipate will choose to matriculate — join the 895 students who earned admission from the pool of 6,424 applicants this past Early Action cycle. Comparatively, 43,330 students applied to the Class of 2023 — with 36,372 of those students submitting applications in Regular Decision. So even at Harvard University, it was a slightly off year as the school attracted its fewest Regular Decision and total applicants since the Harvard Class of 2021.

Breakdown of Admits to the Harvard Class of 2024

As reported in The Harvard Gazette, “This year’s admitted class hails from every state and from 92 countries. International students make up 10.8 percent of the class, and 8.8 percent are U.S. dual citizens. Twenty-two percent come from Middle Atlantic States, 19.7 percent from the South, 17.4 percent from New England, 16.9 percent from the Western and Mountain States, 11.9 percent from the Midwest, and 12 percent from the U.S territories and abroad…The Class of 2024 reflects the increasing diversity of the College’s applicants, with 14.8 percent identifying as African American/black, 24.5 percent as Asian American, 12.7 percent as Latinx, 1.8 percent as Native American, and 0.4 percent as native Hawaiian. Women account for more than half, 51.6 percent, of all those accepted to the class…Thirteen veterans were admitted to this year’s class, and 47 students expressed interest in ROTC, an increase from six veterans and 41 potential ROTC candidates last year.”

We Anticipate Harvard Will Go Deeper Into Their Waitlist This Year

Congratulations to all students who earned admission to Harvard University’s Class of 2024! This turned out to be the year to apply to college with fewer applicants and — in light of the uncertainty surrounding matriculation in the fall because of the coronavirus pandemic, particularly among international applicants — increased acceptances the general trend across the board. And, yes, we do believe that most highly selective colleges, including Harvard, will go deeper into their waitlists this year than in any year in recent memory. Harvard, you see, isn’t a school that typically suffers from summer melt (students who decide over the summer to change plans and not matriculate in the fall). But this year, even Harvard could be impacted by nationwide quarantines and travel advisories which would only lead the university to go deeper into their waitlist.

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