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Congratulations to our students at Ivy Coach who earned a slot in Harvard’s Class of 2023!

Harvard University sent out decisions this evening to applicants to its Class of 2023 for the Regular Decision round. The overall admit rate for Harvard’s Class of 2023 landed at 4.5%. This marks the lowest overall admit rate in the university’s storied history. The same figure stood at 4.6% for the Class of 2022, 5.2% for the Class of 2021, 5.2% for the Class of 2020, 5.3% for the Class of 2019, and 5.9% for the Class of 2018. This evening, 1,015 students learned they were admitted through the Regular Decision cycle; these students join the 935 students who earned admission in the Early Action cycle. It doesn’t take a degree in mathematics from Harvard to know that means 1,950 applicants in all got into Harvard this year, drawn from a pool of 43,330 candidates for admission.

Breakdown of the Harvard Admits to the Class of 2023

With Harvard currently fighting litigation in which it’s accused of discriminating against Asian American applicants, it’s interesting to note that — with the eyes of Lady Justice watching over — the percentage of Asian American admits to Harvard increased to 25.4% from 22.7% last year, as “The Harvard Crimson” reports in a piece by Camille G. Caldera and Sahar M. Mohammadzadeh: “Record-Low 4.5 Percent of Harvard College Applicants Accepted to Class of 2023.” Latinx admits also increased — to 12.4% from 12.2% for the Class of 2022. 14.8% of admits are African American. Native American and Native Hawaiian students account for 2.6% of admits. 16.4% of admitted students will be the first in their families to attend college. In addition, six veterans are among the admits to the Class of 2023 — a high priority for Harvard this year, a priority we back big time.

A Salute to Harvard’s Focus on America’s Veterans

How a college describes the admits to its incoming class is always rather telling. Sometimes a school offers little insight into its admitted students, offering only a breakdown by race, first-generation status, etc. Sometimes a school offers great anecdotes about its students: blueberry farmers, Rubik’s Cube masters, and remarkable yodelers to name but a few.

And so we offer a major salute for Harvard’s Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid William Fitzsimmons’ focus on the men and women who have served our nation in uniform. As Caldera and Mohammadzadeh report, “‘The Class of 2023 is remarkably accomplished and promising by any standard,’ Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid William R. Fitzsimmons ’67 said in a press release Thursday…The admitted class includes six veterans and 41 students who indicated an interest in ROTC, an increase from previous years, according to Fitzsimmons. In comparison, the Class of 2022 included just one veteran and 30 students interested in ROTC. ‘It’s been a priority, but we haven’t had as much success as we had this year,’ Fitzsimmons said in an interview Thursday morning. ‘This is a significant increase.'” It sure is!

Congratulations to our students at Ivy Coach who earned admission to Harvard this year! We’re so very proud of you! And if you happen to be waitlisted for admission to Harvard, contact us today for assistance with a Letter of Enthusiasm to give yourself the best chance possible of admission.


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