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May 24, 2018

Harvard Class of 2022 Yield

Harvard Yield, Harvard Class of 2022 Yield, Yield at Harvard
Harvard’s yield rate traditionally does not compare to the yields of other highly selective schools (photo credit: Chensiyuan).

What percentage of students admitted to Harvard University’s Class of 2022 chose to matriculate, you ask? The answer is 82%. That’s right. Only 18% of students admitted to Harvard chose to say no. It’s a figure that’s actually down two percentage points from last year when a record-high 84% of admitted students chose to spend their college years at Harvard (although the yield slightly fluctuates — the final yield for last year’s class was ultimately 82.8%). And where do students generally go if they get into Harvard but choose not to go? Generally, that answer is Stanford University — although when students are admitted to both Harvard and Stanford, most tend to choose to matriculate to Harvard.

Waitlisted Students to Harvard’s Class of 2022

So what does Harvard’s 82% yield mean for Harvard’s waitlisted students? As reports Delano R. Franklin in a May 16th article for “The Harvard Crimson” entitled “82 Percent of Admits Plan to Join Class of 2022,” “A number of waitlisted students are slated to receive formal notifications of admission Wednesday, according to Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid William R. Fitzsimmons ’67. This marks a departure from last year, when the record-high yield resulted in no students being admitted from the waitlist. The Class of 2021’s unusual size prompted the College to assign 28 freshmen to overflow housing in DeWolfe apartments. ’We would love, normally, to be able to take anywhere from 30 or 40, to as many as 100 off the waiting list,’ Fitzsimmons said. He said the College would likely continue to send admissions offers to waitlisted students throughout the summer, with the assumption that some students will decline their offers. ’We finish all this by the end of June,’ Fitzsimmons said. ’We’ll see what happens with the ones we have admitted. We don’t know whether they’ll decide to come or not. Typically not all of them will, but we give them about a week or so to make up their minds.’”

So if you got off the waitlist to Harvard already, congratulations! And if you haven’t yet, there’s indeed still hope! So keep those fingers and toes crossed as uncomfortable as it may be.

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