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Harvard’s Early Action admissions statistics for the Class of 2020 are out (photo credit: Chensiyuan).

918 students earned admission to Harvard University this Early Action cycle. The vast majority of these students who applied Early Action to Harvard will choose to matriculate, although their admission is non-binding since it’s not an Early Decision policy. As regular readers of our college admissions blog know well, students tend not to turn down Harvard. Even when students are admitted to Harvard and Stanford, as many of our students at Ivy Coach are each and every year, they tend — overwhelmingly — to choose Harvard. This may surprise some. But it doesn’t surprise us, since we’ve seen students grapple with this choice on so many occasions…only to end up matriculating to Harvard. We always tell them that they can’t go wrong either way. And that is the truth.

Harvard admitted 14.8% of students who applied in the Early Action round, to be members of its Class of 2020. For the Class of 2019, Harvard had admitted 977 students. The acceptance rate last Early Action cycle stood at 16.5%. So this year’s Early Action acceptance rate marked a 1.7% drop. Does that mean it was more difficult to get into Harvard as compared to last year? Not necessarily. Remember, just because more applicants apply doesn’t mean the year was more competitive. Applicants with ‘C’ grades and 25 ACT scores don’t make an applicant pool more competitive.

And what’s the makeup of the group of admitted students to Harvard this Early Action cycle? As reported by “The Examiner” in a piece entitled “Harvard, Princeton, Stanford admit less early action applicants to Class of 2020,” “Harvard’s Class of 2020 is as bit less diverse than last year. Continuing the trend fewer women were admitted, 47.4 percent down from the 49.7 percent last year. Fewer minorities were admitted as well, 9.4 percent of African American applicants were admitted this year and last year 10.3 percent. The same for Hispanics this year 9.6 percent were admitted and last year 11.4 percent. Only 1.8 percent of Native American and Native Hawaiian were admitted. The largest minority group admitted was Asian-Americans at 24.2 percent; they were the only group that saw their numbers rise, last year 22.7 percent were admitted through early action.”

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