Harvard and Linsanity

Harvard and Jeremy Lin, Lin and Harvard, Lin and Harvard Basketball

Harvard graduate Jeremy Lin is seeking a patent on the term “Linsanity.” And all indications are that he’s going to get it (photo credit: Bagumba).

Remember Linsanity? While Jeremy Lin may have gotten injured and the firing of Mike D’Antoni may have resulted in a decrease in playing time for the point guard sensation out of Harvard University, Jeremy Lin’s breakout year was no fluke. He’ll be back next year lighting up the court…and (hopefully) for the New York Knicks again. Lin is a restricted free agent. The Knicks have expressed a strong interest in retaining the sensational guard who seemingly came out of nowhere. And if they did retain Lin, that would mean giving up on chasing Steve Nash. If we were in charge of the Knicks, it’s exactly what we would do. Build the team around Lin. We’d also trade Carmelo Anthony but that’s another story entirely.

But if you didn’t already know that Jeremy Lin was smart, now you will. Jeremy Lin has filed an application for a patent on the word “Linsanity.” In fact, according to “The Harvard Crimson,” “Lin’s personal lawyer stated on Thursday that all applications to own the word other than Lin’s were denied by The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, implying that ownership of the term will soon be granted to the former Harvard standout.” A smart businessman, huh? Jeremy Lin has got a great head on his shoulders. Nobody will be able to use “Linsanity” without his permission under his patent.

While we hope Jeremy Lin lights up the basketball court for years to come (for the New York Knicks), the astute businessman might also consider lighting up the court of ABC’s “Shark Tank.” He’s on the cusp of creating a very lucrative business! Maybe Mark Cuban will invest? He certainly would. But Jeremy Lin, frankly, doesn’t need him.

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