Harvard and LGBT Students

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Harvard needs to step up its funding and resources for its LGBT students (photo credit: Chensiyuan).

We recently published a blog on gay friendly colleges. Harvard University was not among them. In fact, Harvard doesn’t rank as highly as its Ivy League peers on the LGBT Campus Climate Index (Princeton, Dartmouth, Penn, and Brown all score 5’s while Harvard scores a 4.5). They don’t rank on “The Advocate’s” list of gay friendly universities. They don’t even have a suitable resource center for LGBT students.

According to Brandon Miller of Change.org, Harvard only has a 380 square-foot room in the basement of a campus building for its LGBT students. Brandon Miller says his small apartment is nearly as big. Writes Miller, “That’s why a group of LGBT students at Harvard University are organizing. Harvard University, as it turns out, is the only Ivy League school without a university-funded resource center and staff person.” And how are they organizing? Well, students creatively recently took up 380 square feet of lawn to show just how much space they are allotted by the college.

Come on, Harvard. Check out our blog on resources for LGBT college applicants and write to Harvard administrators today in support of increasing funding for Harvard’s LGBT students.


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