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March 29, 2024

Harvard University Class of 2028 Admissions Statistics

A columned building is featured beyond steps at Harvard University.

They’re out, they’re out. Read all about them! Harvard University has released Regular Decision notifications to the Class of 2028. Between the Early Action and Regular Decision rounds, Harvard received 54,008 applications.

While 54,008 applications were undoubtedly no record tally for Harvard (that record was established two years ago when 61,220 students applied to the Class of 2026), they marked the fourth-highest application tally in Harvard’s long history. Before three years ago, applications to Harvard never hit the 50,000 benchmark.

Harvard Class of 2028 by the Numbers

Out of the 54,008 applicants to Harvard’s Class of 2028, only 1,937 earned admission, resulting in an overall admission rate of 3.59%. This rate is slightly higher than last year’s 3.41%, but it still places the Class of 2028 as the fourth most exclusive in Harvard’s history, surpassed only by the Classes of 2027 (3.41%), 2026 (3.19%), and 2025 (3.4%).

Of the students who earned admission to Harvard’s Class of 2028, 692 got in through Early Action — drawn from a pool of 7,921 EA applicants for an 8.74% EA admit rate.

1,245 earned admission in Regular Decision out of a Regular Decision pool of 46,087. Harvard’s Regular Decision acceptance rate thus stood at 2.7%, the fourth-lowest in the school’s history (eclipsed only by the Classes of 2027 (2.34%), 2026 (2.34%), and 2025 (2.6%).

A Profile of Admitted Students to Harvard’s Class of 2028

Of the students offered admission to Harvard’s Class of 2028, 53.1% identify as women and 46.9% identify as men. 20.5% of admits will be the first in their families to attend a four-year college. 20.7% of admits qualified for Pell Grants.

Admitted students hail from all 50 states in our union in addition to Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico, and the US. Virgin Islands. International admits, who comprise 15.4% of admits with an additional 9.6% who are dual citizens, hail from 94 countries around the globe. 21 U.S. military veterans are represented among the admits.

Why Harvard’s Applications Are Slightly Down This Year

So, why were applications slightly down to Harvard this year? If you read The New York Post, you’d believe applications were down because of Harvard’s atrocious response to antisemitism on its campus. And, don’t get us wrong, Harvard’s despicable response to Hamas’ terror attack against Israel and the ensuing antisemitic protests on its campus has been nothing short of shameful. Claudine Gay’s ouster as Harvard’s leader couldn’t have come soon enough after her testimony before Congress that will live forever in infamy.

But the suggestion — printed on the pages of The New York Post — that students were eschewing Harvard for the likes of Southern Methodist University couldn’t have been further from the truth. The fact is, as the historical data proves, lows often follow historic highs. There’s a pattern to Harvard’s admissions statistics. And this year’s data is entirely consistent with that pattern. It was, in fact, a strong year for Harvard — stronger than any year before the last three years.

But to attribute the slight drop in applications to antisemitism is correlation without causation — and it’s grossly irresponsible. The more likely reason for the slight drop? During the pandemic, students thought they could squeak in without test scores. However, since the pandemic has faded, students have realized that Harvard wasn’t being candid about its test-optional policy. As such, those Squeakers stopped applying en masse.

Ivy Coach is a proudly Jewish-owned business. Perhaps it takes Jews to share something The New York Post reporter may not fully understand and appreciate about our people: Education is everything. As so many generations of Jews have sadly learned, while those in power can take our businesses, our art, our homes, our lives even, the one thing they can never take is our education. It’s why Jews will never eschew the likes of Harvard for Southern Methodist University.

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