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November 13, 2019

Happiness at Brown University

Brown Students, Brown Happiness, Happiness at Brown University
A piece in The Brown Daily Herald focuses on happiness at Brown.

Are students at Brown University generally happy? The answer, according to a fall poll conducted by The Brown Daily Herald, is yes. Of Brown students surveyed, 33.9% identified as very happy and 53.7% as somewhat happy. Meanwhile, 8.2% of those surveyed identified as not very happy, 3.2% as don’t know, and 1.1% as not at all happy. So while it’s not like every student at Brown self-identified as happy, the world is no utopia and Brown students, well, seem fairly happy based on these figures.

87.6% of Brown Students Surveyed Are Somewhat or Very Happy

As Emilije Sagaityte writes in a piece entitled “Is Brown the ’Happy Ivy?’ Experts weigh in on Herald poll results” for The Brown Daily Herald, “In the Herald’s fall poll, 87.6 percent of University undergraduates reported that they were somewhat or very happy, taking all things into consideration. These results may seem to corroborate the common trope that the University is the ’happy Ivy,’ but this statistic also raises questions about what actually constitutes happiness and which factors cause and explain this state of being.”

Of course, we fail to see how Sagaityte chooses to label Brown the “happy Ivy” when she offers no comparative statistics at other Ivy League schools. But, hey, she’s taking some journalistic liberty! What do our readers think of Brown being dubbed the “happy Ivy”? Do some folks have a difference of opinion? Let us know your thoughts on the subject by posting a Comment below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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