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Female college applicants have tougher odds than their male counterparts in highly selective college admissions.

Ivy Coach was quoted in an article in “The Brown Daily Herald” today that focused on how female college applicants have tougher odds than their male counterparts. Last year, as an example, Brown University received 30,944 applications to be members of the Class of 2015. Of those applicants to Brown, 60% of them were females. Of admitted students last year, Brown admitted females at a rate of 7.6%. And males? That figure would be 10.8%. That is a statistically significant difference! And Brown is not the exception among highly selective colleges. Brown is the rule. Females have tougher odds in the game of highly selective college admissions.

And how did admission to Brown stack up for females against admission to Princeton? According to “The Brown Daily Herald,” “Though Princeton admitted a smaller percentage overall of first-year applicants in 2011 — 8.5 percent — 8.6 percent of female applicants were admitted, making admission to Brown for females applying to the class of 2015 more competitive than to Princeton. The difference in admit rates for males and females at Brown has fluctuated between 2.5 percent and 5.2 percent in the past eight years. The gap reached its peak when 11.7 percent of females and 16.9 percent of males were accepted for the class of 2012.”

What do you think about the gender disparity in highly selective college admissions? Do you think it’s unfair that females are discriminated against — much like Chinese and Indian Americans? Why do you think this gender disparity exists? Our founder shares insights in the article on the disparity which you’re welcome to check out, but we’re curious to hear your thoughts on the controversial topic!

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