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November 3, 2022

Early Word on Dartmouth Class of 2027 Early Decision Applications

We’ve got some nicknames at Ivy Coach — among them, The Dartmouth Whisperer.

While America’s highly selective universities have not yet tooted their own horns that applications are up in the Early Decision / Early Action round of admissions, we have the early word from one of America’s top universities. That school? Dartmouth College. Hey, we’re The Dartmouth Whisperer if you didn’t already know! Early Decision applications to the College on the Hill are apparently up rather significantly this year. Last year, for the Class of 2026, as our readers may recall, Early Decision applications to Dartmouth dipped slightly — to a bit over 2,600 students after hitting a high of 2,664 for the Early Decision round of the Class of 2025. Prior to the Class of 2025, Early Decision applications had never even hit the 2,500 benchmark at the College on the Hill. And then, of course, came the pandemic.

Bo knows baseball. Ivy Coach knows Dartmouth.

With a rise in Early Decision applications to Dartmouth’s Class of 2027, look for Dartmouth’s ED admission rate to correspondingly drop. Last year, 20.38% of ED applicants to the Hanover, New Hampshire-based Ivy League institution earned admission — a record low Early admit rate. Based on the word we’re hearing, we anticipate this number will fall below 20% this fall, which would be unprecedented for the institution founded all the way back in 1769.

And while it’s now too late to apply Early Decision to Dartmouth this year, it’s not too late to apply Regular Decision. So if Dartmouth’s on your mind, fill out Ivy Coach’s free consultation form and we’ll be in touch. In 15 of the last 16 Early Decision cycles, we’ve enjoyed perfect sweeps at the College on the Hill. That’s right. In all but one year in the last 16 years, all of Ivy Coach’s applicants who completed applications with our assistance and applied ED to Dartmouth earned admission. It’s why, among our nicknames, we like to call ourselves The Dartmouth Whisperer. Bo knows baseball. We know Dartmouth.

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