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All Early Decision figures for Columbia have not yet trickled out. Hang tight.

The application count for Early Decision at Columbia University is in and we’ve got this number for our loyal readers. In all for the Class of 2018, Columbia University received 3,298 applications (this includes applications to Columbia College and SEAS). These 3,298 applications marked the largest applicant pool in the history of Columbia University. And what do you know? Their Dean of Admissions & Financial Aid has a statement in the press boasting of what a wonderful pool of Early applicants they’ve got. We’re not poking fun at Columbia’s Dean of Admissions per se as much as we’re poking fun of how every dean of admissions each and every year boasts of how they’ve secured such a tremendous applicant pool.

Anyhow, here is Jessica Marinaccio’s, Columbia’s Dean of Admissions & Financial Aid’s statement about the incoming portion of the Class of 2018 that was admitted via Early Decision: “Over the last several weeks, my staff and I have spent many hours reading about and discussing the 3,298 students who comprised the largest Early Decision applicant pool in Columbia’s history. While our decisions were not always easy, we are thrilled to celebrate today the individuals who have demonstrated that they are ideally suited for Columbia. They will come to Columbia from all over the country and around the world, bringing their singular insights, passions, questions and stories to enrich every corner of our campus.”

Do you think most deans of admission recycle these quotes year after year? Can you imagine a dean of admission saying anything different? Let us know your thoughts by posting below!


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