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We’ve got the Brown Early Decision admission statistics for the Class of 2018 for our readers (photo credit: Chen Siyuan).

Early Decision at Brown results are in and we’ve got the numbers for you. For the Class of 2018, 18.9% of Early Decision applicants to Brown University earned admission. And while the 18.9% mark for its Early Decision admit rate is not the university’s lowest ever Early admit rate, it is indeed its second lowest. From a record high 3,088 applicants, 583 stoked students earned admission to Rhode Island’s most prestigious college.

If you’re wondering, last year, Brown University had an Early Decision applicant pool of 3,010 students (78 fewer students than this year), but it admitted 18.5% of the Early Decision Class of 2017 — so that was the year with the lowest ever admission rate for the university. This year, of the students that did not earn admission, 321 applicants were denied admission (they will not have a shot to get in during the Regular Decision round) and 71% of the applicant pool received deferrals (they will be considered for admission in the Regular Decision round). Typically, around 10% of students who are deferred at highly selective colleges end up getting admitted during the Regular Decision round.

Said Dean of Admissions Jim Miller in an article in “The Brown Daily Herald” on the Early Decision figures at Brown, “‘The class of 2018 is certainly the strongest group I’ve seen in my 18 years here,’ Miller said, adding that he expects the percentage of deferred applicants accepted in the regular decision round will be the same as the overall acceptance rate to the class of 2018.” Our running joke at Ivy Coach is making fun of all the deans of admission who say it’s the strongest class ever. Sorry, Jim, you walked right into this one. Do you think Jim will say the same about next year’s class? We sure do.

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