DOJ Drops Suit Against Yale

The DOJ has dropped its case against Yale (photo credit: Namkota).

A lot can be said in two sentences. Today, the United States Department of Justice formally notified a federal judge — through a two sentence federal filing — that it was voluntarily dropping its lawsuit against Yale University in which the New Haven, Connecticut-based institution was accused of discrimination against white and Asian American applicants. The suit, as our readers may remember, was brought by the politically-charged Department of Justice under the Trump administration, an administration that sought to end the practice of Affirmative Action. Well, that was yesterday. It’s a brand new day in America.

DOJ Is Now Under New Management

As Pete Williams reports for NBC News in a piece entitled “In Biden administration reversal, Justice Dept. drops discrimination suit against Yale,” “Yale said it was gratified by the decision to drop the lawsuit. ‘Our admissions process has allowed Yale College to assemble an unparalleled student body, which is distinguished by its academic excellence and diversity. Yale has steadfastly maintained that its process complies fully with Supreme Court precedent, and we are confident that the Justice Department will agree,’ it said in a written statement. Filed last October, the lawsuit said a two-year investigation determined that the Ivy League college illegally discriminated against Asian American and white students in admissions. It said they were only one-tenth to one-fourth as likely to be admitted as African American applicants with comparable academic records. When the suit was filed, Yale called the government’s conclusion hasty and meritless.”

We Salute the DOJ for Dropping the Case

Apparently the new Department of Justice so happens to agree. We salute our independent DOJ for seeing this suit for what it was — an obvious ploy to attack the necessary practice of considering race in admissions. The reverberations of our nation’s original sin echo today and until there exists equal opportunity for all Americans, irrespective of the color of their skin, we believe Affirmative Action is not only important to maintaining the integrity of our nation’s elite universities — but necessary. So way to go to our United States Department of Justice for showing us the way!


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  • John says:

    A single piece of insight from the treasure trove of data unearthed from the Harvard case demolishes the argument for Affirmative action by exposing what these colleges are really doing

    Based on the data from the Harvard case, almost 71% of LDC blacks (black applicants whose parents attended Harvard, were put on the Dean’s list because of their parents’ donor potential or those who were children of Harvard faculty, (i.e. the most privileged among Americans in general and black Americans in particular) scored in the lower 40% of the Academic rating of Harvard applicants. And almost 46% were in the lowest 20% in terms of academics. 75% of these clearly under qualified but privileged blacks were admitted.

    It is one thing to argue that Affirmative action should be used to give a hand up to marginalized minorities by considering other criteria like personality scores to even the playing field but Harvard is clearly not doing that. They are rigging their rating system to favor highly privileged blacks.

    Remember this group of black applicants enjoy stupendous advantages and is a very very exclusive group. These are kids who are generally very wealthy and whose parents have either attended Harvard or have parents who teach there or the Dean has put on a special list, because they are very important to the school in terms of donations or political connections. If you were just any other black applicant who was not in this exclusive group and had similar academic ratings, your admit rate was just 6.2%. So it is not about giving a hand up to struggling marginalized minorities at all. It is quite the opposite

    What Affirmative action has become at these elite colleges, is about giving preference to privileged rich blacks with every kind of advantage in life, over poor whites and Asians just to assuage the social engineering agenda of Harvard’s administration whose own kids never have to bear the brunt of these clearly discriminatory policies. Blacks who with every conceivable advantage in their life, still performed miserably.

    If Harvard was taking 75% of the non-LDC black applicant pool with poor academic ratings and only 6.2% from the black LDC pool with similar ratings, then you could see a reasoned case for Affirmative action as being a hand up instead of a despicable and discriminatory hand out.

    Now the Biden administration has dropped the case against Yale, where most probably the same nonsense goes on.

    Let’s see if ivy coach dares publish a comment that speaks truth to power 🙂

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