Dartmouth Olympic Champion

Dartmouth Champion, Dartmouth Olympian, Dartmouth Winner

Gillian Apps is now a three-time Olympic champion. Way to go, Gillian.

After a historic Olympic finals between the United States and Canada in women’s ice hockey, it was Canada that would earn their fourth straight gold medal in stunning, come-from-behind fashion. And on that Canadian team was Dartmouth graduate Gillian Apps, who now proudly has three Olympic gold medals to her name having been a member of Canada’s last three entries to the Olympic Games. Apps didn’t have as big of a role as she did in previous Olympic Games for the Canadian women as we would argue that in past Olympics she was the most important player on the ice for Canada, but her veteran know-how and leadership proved instrumental in this latest achievement.

Congratulations to Gillian Apps on her third straight Olympic gold medal. She has made her high school, her college where she starred for the Big Green, and her country proud. Even if she never takes the ice again which we hope is not the case, Gillian Apps will go down in history as one of the greatest women’s ice hockey players of all time. And as for Dartmouth, they sent the most Olympians of any Ivy League college to the Sochi games and, in fact, sent more Olympians than all colleges throughout the country to the games — save for one little-known school in Colorado.

How will you stand out to Ivy League admissions officers? Some of your competition is the likes of student-athletes who compete in the Olympic Games!


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