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January 14, 2020

Dartmouth Majors and Salaries

Learn more about average salaries by major for Dartmouth grads (photo credit: Derrick Smith).

Curious which majors at Dartmouth College lead to the highest average salary? The United States Department of Education recently released data based on the degree received from schools like Dartmouth. In prior years, average salaries were released by school — but the data was not broken down by major. The DOE, it seems, has gotten much more specific. So if it’s all about the money, which should be your major choice while a Dartmouth undergraduate? Government? Economics? Computer science?

As Bella Jacoby reports for The Dartmouth in a piece entitled “Dartmouth majors yield wide range of salaries, per federal data,” “The most popular majors at Dartmouth, respectively, are economics, government, computer science and engineering. The highest-earning majors, which correlate with those majors, are, in descending order: computer science, economics, engineering and government. This trend is somewhat mirrored for majors with the lowest debt — engineering majors were shown to have the lowest debt, along with biology, computer science and neurobiology/neuroscience majors. Computer science majors top the salary rankings at Dartmouth, earning an average of $100,500 yearly.”

Jacoby continues, “In comparison, computer science graduates at Cornell University make $116,300 in their first year, while those at Brown University make $141,000. Dartmouth students graduating with an economics degree make $84,200, while economics majors at Cornell and Yale University make $67,500 and $81,400, respectively. Dartmouth government graduates are the highest paid among government majors at comparable institutions: they earn $59,000, compared to $45,100 at Cornell and $49,100 at Yale.”

The relatively high earning potential of Dartmouth graduates is not all that surprising to us since a prior study based on anonymous tax records found Dartmouth alums outpacing many Ivy League peers in various earnings categories. It’s not all that surprising considering 21% of Dartmouth students, as according to that study, hail from the top 1% income bracket (based on their sampling pool). Or that the median parent income of Dartmouth students in that same pool is second highest in the Ivy League, second only to Brown.

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