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Dartmouth College is a trailblazer for LGBT students.

Dartmouth LGBT students will have an affinity house by 2013 or 2014. Dartmouth, a university that ranks among the most welcoming to LGBT students and faculty, is moving ahead with plans to build the house. Money has been set aside for the project from the school’s capital budget. It’s a project that was championed by former Dartmouth president Jim Yong Kim (who is now the president of the World Bank) and spearheaded by Pam Misener, the Office of Pluralism and Leadership’s longtime but outgoing advisor to LGBTQA students.

While there was already a room devoted to the LGBT community at Dartmouth (in Robinson Hall), this affinity house marks a major accomplishment for Misener in setting out to be a leader among American universities with regard to LGBT inclusivity. The LGBT community at Dartmouth College is a vibrant one, one that grows stronger each and every year. With this house, Pam Misener has most certainly left her mark on the community.

At a school where just about 50% of students are members of fraternities and sororities (although most don’t live within the fraternity and sorority houses), this gives LGBT students another option to become part of a community that welcomes and embraces them. We salute Dartmouth College for continuing to trail-blaze the landscape of LGBT rights. It is truly inspirational and other universities should follow in its example.

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  • Lester Gibbs says:

    I am a member of two organization, both in Norwich, VT, whose membership is open to everyone. Upper Valley Community has had a presence in Norwich for over 100 years as a Fraternal Family organization, respecting the lifestyle of all members, and we would welcome members of the LBGT community to join us, as we take an active part in Educational, Legislative, and Community Service activities in the Upper Valley.

    The second is St. Barnabas Episcopal Church of Norwich. an open and affirming spiritual community, committed to living the Christian Faith in Word and actions.

    As a member of the Vestry of St. Barnabas, and a Past President of the local and Vermont State Grange, I would be willing to speak with your group. My own identity issues began in Grade School, in a less forgiving social atmosphere, but I retired from military service, married and raised a family while in the military, divorced, and now fully accept who I am, and have been successful in life, sound in my walk in Faith, and willing to mentor others in this special LBGT community.

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