Dartmouth in Making A Murderer

Dartmouth on TV, Dartmouth College Grad, Dean Strang

Dean Strang, of “Making A Murderer” fame, attended Dartmouth College.

If there’s a television show in the zeitgeist right now, it is unquestionably Netflix’s “Making A Murderer,” a documentary series that tells the story of Steven Avery, a man wrongfully convicted of a gruesome crime (for which he served eighteen years) only to then be incarcerated all over again for murder. The filmmakers make such a compelling case that leads the audience to seriously question if the Manitowoc County Sherriffs Department set Steven Avery up for a murder he did not commit, if it was all an act of revenge for Avery’s lawsuit against that same department in Wisconsin. After having watched the documentary, it sure seems like this is a real possibility.

But we write about all things Ivy League so what’s our tie-in here, you ask? Well, if you watched the series, you know that there were a whole bunch of incompetent lawyers on both sides. With the exception of two. And one of these two lawyers is Dean Strang, who represented Steven Avery in his last trial. As we learned from Joe Asch’s “Dartblog,” a great blog about all things Dartmouth College, Dean Strang, a man creating waves across the Internet these days not only for his sharp legal mind but also for his looks, is a graduate of Dartmouth College from the Class of 1982. As Joe writes, “Strang brings an attorney’s precision and an intellectual’s penchant for generalization to his role. He shows his liberal arts background in his consistent reflex to step back for a moment to look at the larger human drama in which he finds himself.” We couldn’t agree more.

Maybe even Dartmouth alumna Shonda Rhimes, creator of “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Scandal” as well as executive producer of “How To Get Away With Murder,” will be so inspired by Strang’s life and work to base a show on him. Stranger things have happened. After all, Chris Melendandri, producer of all the Dr. Seuss movies out these days, secured the rights of Dr. Seuss (who attended Dartmouth) through his widow, Audrey.


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