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January 16, 2024

Dartmouth College Class of 2028 Early Decision Admission Statistics

A view of Dartmouth College’s Baker Library.

It was a record-breaking Early Decision cycle for Dartmouth College’s Class of 2028. In all, an all-time high of 3,550 students applied under the school’s binding Early Decision policy, an 18% surge from last year’s record tally. Of this year’s applicants, 606 earned admission to Dartmouth’s Class of 2028, joining the 74 students who matched with Dartmouth through QuestBridge. The Early Decision admission rate for Dartmouth’s 2023-2024 admissions cycle thus stood at an all-time low of 17.07%, an over 2% drop from last year’s record-low figure. It’s anticipated that Dartmouth will enroll an incoming class of 1,200 students.

Dartmouth Early Decision Admissions Statistics Over 20+ Years

To put the Dartmouth Class of 2028’s Early Decision admission statistics in context, below is a breakdown of the College on the Hill’s ED figures over the last 22 years.

Dartmouth Class YearNumber of Early Decision ApplicationsNumber of Early Decision AdmitsEarly Decision Admission Rate
Class of 20283,55060617.07%
Class of 20273,00957819.21%
Class of 20262,63356021.27%
Class of 20252,66459121.2%
Class of 20242,06954726.4%
Class of 20232,47457423.2%
Class of 20222,27056524.9%
Class of 20211,99955527.8%
Class of 20201,92749425.6%
Class of 20191,85948326%
Class of 20181,67846927.9%
Class of 20171,57446429.4%
Class of 20161,80046525.8%
Class of 20151,75944425.2%
Class of 20141,59446125.5%
Class of 20131,57140125.5%
Class of 20121,42840028.0%
Class of 20111,28538029.6%
Class of 20101,31739830.2%
Class of 20091,17139733.9%
Class of 20081,27838430%
Class of 20071,21739432.4%

Breakdown of the Dartmouth Class of 2028 Early Decision Admits

Admitted Early Decision candidates to Dartmouth’s Class of 2028 hail from 47 states in our union in addition to Washington, DC, Puerto Rico, and 47 countries around the girdled earth (as they say in Dartmouth’s alma mater!). The number of countries represented by admitted students increased slightly from last year’s 44. 22% will be the first in their families to attend college, a record high for the institution.

While Dartmouth typically releases a percentage of admitted Early Decision candidates who were legacies, the children and grandchildren of Dartmouth alumni, in the wake of the Affirmative Action ruling this past summer outlawing the consideration of race in admissions decision-making, the College on the Hill withheld the legacy figure this cycle, likely deeming it gauche.

97% of admitted candidates who reported a class rank fall within the top 10% of their graduating high school classes. 147 of these students are, at present, ranked first or second in their classes. 75% of admitted students reported an SAT or ACT score under Dartmouth’s test-optional admissions policy. Of the SAT score-submitters, the middle 50% fell between 1480 and 1560.

Another Perfect Sweep for Ivy Coach, “The Dartmouth Whisperer”

For Ivy Coach, the 2023-2024 admissions cycle marked yet another perfect sweep for our firm of Dartmouth — all students who completed packages with us and applied Early Decision to Dartmouth got in. And while Ivy Coach’s streak of 14 perfect Early Decision cycles for our package clients was snapped a few years back, we’ve got a new streak going now! Hey, they don’t call us “The Dartmouth Whisperer” for nothing.

Ivy Coach’s Assistance with Dartmouth Deferral

If you were deferred by Dartmouth to its Class of 2028, all hope should not be lost. We regularly help students who first come to us after their deferrals earn admission in the Regular Decision round. It’s all about taking the right approach under the guidance of Ivy Coach’s Ben Schwartz, a former Dartmouth admissions officer.

You can learn more about Ivy Coach’s post-deferral service with Ben by scheduling a complimentary consultation with our enrollment coordinator, Olivia. Bo knows baseball. Ivy Coach knows Dartmouth.

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