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A piece in “The Dartmouth” reports on Dartmouth’s outstanding yield for the Class of 2021.

For the Dartmouth Class of 2021, 61% of students have chosen to attend the College on the Hill — with the lone pine above her and the loyal ones who love her. 61% marks the highest yield for Dartmouth in a quarter of a century, which incidentally is how long we at Ivy Coach have been in business. But we digress. We have a habit of digressing in our blog posts. Can you blame us? We have to write about college admissions every single day of the week. Weekdays, weekends, Christmas, Yom Kippur. There’s not a day that has gone by in several years when we haven’t posted about college admissions. Think about how often you eat breakfast. That’s how often we post about college admissions. Pass the hash browns please.

Anyhow, back to Dartmouth’s highest yield in twenty five years. So how does the 61% record yield stack up with last year’s yield, for the Class of 2020? The yield for the Class of 2020 stood at 53.1%. So that’s quite a significant jump. Admitted students to the Dartmouth Class of 2021 must’ve grown up on Dr. Seuss books and came of age watching Shonda Rhimes’ “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Scandal.” No, it wasn’t a mistake that we didn’t mention “How To Get Away With Murder.” We don’t think it’s as well written plus it’s not a show Shonda created — she just executive produces it.

As reports Sonia Qin for America’s oldest college newspaper, “The Dartmouth,” “The incoming class will include 1,279 students from 2,092 admitted students, 555 of whom were accepted early decision. More than 70 percent of the students who attended Dimensions committed to the College this year, compared to recent years, in which only 55 to 60 percent of Dimensions visitors accepted their offers.” So was Dimensions, Dartmouth’s program for admitted students, effective this year? 70%! You bet it was! That’s a truly phenomenal statistic. Color us impressed.

Congratulations to the Dartmouth College admissions office on Dartmouth’s outstanding yield for the Class of 2021!


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