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Dartmouth College and its Tuck School of Business will now be offering some business courses to undergraduate students (photo credit: Reader030).

Let’s talk about Dartmouth College courses! As you may know, Dartmouth College is a liberal arts school and, as such, there are no pre-law or pre-med students. There are no business majors. Are there students who take courses that qualify them as fulfilling the prerequisites for medical school? Yes. But pre-med in no way appears on their transcripts. Under president Jim Yong Kim, Dartmouth will, however, now be offering coursework in business to undergraduate students.

The new business courses that will be offered to undergrads will be taught by professors from the prestigious Tuck School of Business (Dartmouth’s graduate business school which so often tops numerous business school rankings). The coursework was developed by Tuck and the Dean of the Faculty office at Dartmouth and, according to the Tuck School of Business website, it is intended to address “core theories and principles of business behavior within the national and international socioeconomic environment.”

Tuck’s website goes on to explain, “Tuck’s general management approach and emphasis on what its founder referred to as the ‘larger meaning of business’ fits the liberal arts tradition and philosophy well. The study of basic business disciplines prepares students to be educated consumers and leaders in business and society and these courses have value to any student, regardless of major or career path.” But does this mean that undergrads at Dartmouth can major in business? No. Dartmouth still will not offer a business major…only coursework. The vast majority of students who are interested in these course, we suspect, will likely remain econ majors (though it’s important to note that not all Dartmouth undergrads seeking careers in business major in econ)!

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