Dartmouth College Class of 2026 Admissions Statistics

Dartmouth’s overall admission rate for the Class of 2026 tied a record-low set last year.

Between Early Decision and Regular Decision, Dartmouth College received 28,336 applications to its Class of 2026. The application tally marked the second largest tally in the College on the Hill’s long history, a tally eclipsed only by last year’s 28,357 applications. That’s right…Dartmouth fell 22 applications short of setting a new all-time benchmark this year. So close, yet so far. Of the 28,357 applicants, 1,207 earned admission via Regular Decision while 560 earned admission through the school’s binding Early Decision program. This marks an overall admission rate of 6.2% for the Dartmouth College Class of 2026, matching last year’s figure for the Dartmouth Class of 2025. The admission rate for the Classes of 2026 and 2025 were all-time record-lows for the Hanover, New Hampshire-based institution. And just who earned admission to the Dartmouth Class of 2026? Wonder no more!

Data on Admitted Students to Dartmouth’s Class of 2026

As Dartmouth’s Office of Communications shares in a press release entitled “Diverse Undergraduate Class of 2026 Takes Shape,” “Every state in the United States is represented in the admitted student pool, as is the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the Marianas Islands, along with 73 other countries across all inhabited continents. A record high 57% reside in the southern and western United States, or overseas, with California continuing to lead all U.S. states in representation. The United Kingdom, Canada, China, and India are the top international cohorts. Among U.S. citizens or permanent residents, 53% are students of color. Seventeen percent are among the first generation in their families to apply to college, tying the record set with the Class of 2025. Fifteen percent live in a rural community. Sixty percent attend public high schools. Sixty-three percent of those accepted, or more than 3 of every 5, applied for need-based financial aid, with accepted students receiving more than $50 million in Dartmouth scholarships based on preliminary statistics, with an average scholarship of more than $61,000, an all-time high.”

Stories About Admitted Students to Dartmouth’s Class of 2026

But dry statistics are one thing. We love it when colleges share anecdotes about admitted students. Johns Hopkins has a long history of sharing such anecdotes and, this year, Dartmouth joined their party. As shared in the Dartmouth press release, “One is an aspiring anthropologist who hopes to analyze ‘medicine across cultures’ through undergraduate research at Dartmouth, with the hope of someday developing and scaling solutions to address health inequities and disparities throughout Mexico. Another is determined to accelerate the world’s response to climate change, as well as deepen people’s understanding of what’s at stake, including through off-campus study programs in the Canadian Rockies and the Arctic. A third hails from Florida, where, during the summer of 2020, he placed 2,317 phone calls to perfect strangers—all in service of persuading them to register to vote.”

Ivy Coach Remains The Dartmouth Whisperer

Congratulations to all of Ivy Coach’s students who earned admission to Dartmouth’s Class of 2026! Ivy Coach’s 13 year streak of perfection in the Early Decision round at Dartmouth ended in December of 2017, but we’ve started a new streak as we’ve been perfect in the Early round at the College on the Hill in the years since. In 15 of the last 16 years, students who have completed applications with Ivy Coach and have applied Early Decision to Dartmouth have all gotten in. Think about it. We couldn’t say it on the pages of our website if it weren’t true…a student or parent would call us out in a heartbeat. So when other college counseling companies boast that 90% of their students earned admission to their first choice college — a data point that can’t be verified — we’re sharing a data point that we simply would not be able to tout if it weren’t true. That is the Ivy Coach difference.


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  • Sophia Amin-Patel says:

    Gee, this gives real insight into the nonsense that gullible admissions committees go for. How about me setting up a GoFund me and traveling to 5 cities this summer saying I handed out a Happy Meal to 427 homeless people? Will Harvard let me in? Elite college admissions is not about academics anymore, your (applicant) heart needs to be larger and bleed more than your competitor. I have seen kids at Yale, where I attend, and ‘most’ seem a pretty narcissistic bunch.

    I doubt the successful Dartmouth applicant would have had a favorable outcome if he’d said he urged those strangers to vote for Trump would he?

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