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April 7, 2021

Dartmouth College Class of 2025 Admissions Statistics

The admissions statistics for the Dartmouth College Class of 2025 are in the books (photo credit: Derrick Smith).

2021 hasn’t exactly been the late Dr. Seuss’ finest year. He’s been canceled (sort of). But it’s sure shaping up to be the finest year at the college he once attended, Dartmouth College. The Dartmouth College Class of 2025 admissions statistics have been signed, sealed, and delivered. In all, 1,749 students earned admission to the College on the Hill this year. These students were drawn from a record applicant pool of 28,357 students (a 33% rise over last year’s record applicant pool), leading to an all-time low overall admission rate of 6.17%. As Dartmouth’s intended class size is around 1,150 students, and 566 students were previously admitted under the school’s binding Early Decision program, the anticipated yield is approximately 66%. And just who earned admission to the Hanover, New Hampshire-based institution’s Class of 2025? Wonder no more!

Breakdown of Dartmouth’s Admits to the Class of 2025

As The Dartmouth Senior Staff report in a piece for The Dartmouth entitled “Dartmouth offers admission to 1,749 applicants to the Class of 2025,” “Students identifying as “Black, Indigenous and other people of color” comprise 48% of the admitted class, the admissions office reported, noting that 51 different tribal nations and North American indigenous groups are represented in the Class of 2025. Seventeen percent of students are the first generation in their family to attend college — a record-high. The admitted students come from all 50 states, Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico and Guam. California is the largest cohort, with New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Texas rounding out the top five. Fifteen percent are international students, up from last year’s 14%, with Canada, China, the U.K., India and Brazil seeing the most admitted students. The admissions office also reported that projected scholarships awarded jumped to $51.6 million from $45.8 million last year, and that the average scholarship totaled $60,556. Fifty percent of the admitted class will qualify for need-based Dartmouth scholarships and 17% will be eligible for Pell grants — both records.”

Dartmouth Will Not Host Dimensions of Dartmouth Event

Congratulations to all students who earned admission to Dartmouth College’s Class of 2025 during this record-setting year in elite college admissions. And for those Regular Decision admits who are on the fence about attending Dartmouth as they consider other elite universities and won’t be able to take advantage of the traditional Dimensions of Dartmouth event this spring since the program has been canceled due to the pandemic, make an informal visit to Hanover if you can in any case. You just might fall in love with the crisp New England air and the mountains of New Hampshire that remain in your muscles and your brain. Oh, the places you’ll go! Oh wait, we forgot. Dr. Seuss has been canceled. Sort of.

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