Dartmouth College Class of 2023 Yield

Dartmouth Yield, Dartmouth College Yield, 2023 Yield at Dartmouth
Dartmouth had a strong yield for its Class of 2023.

Every highly selective college — irrespective of what their admissions officers may tell you to the contrary — cares deeply about their yield. For those not familiar with what yield means in college admissions, it’s the percentage of admitted students who choose to matriculate. Of course, when students apply under a binding Early Decision program, the yield from the Early round is going to be close to 100%. But in the Regular Decision round, the yield is significantly lower since students often have options. For Dartmouth College‘s Class of 2023, the yield was unexpectedly high.

Dartmouth’s Unexpectedly High Yield for the Class of 2023

As Jennie Rhodes reports for The Dartmouth, America’s oldest college newspaper, in a piece entitled “Former Sig Ep building will house Thought Project LLC,” “‘The Dartmouth admissions office has experienced an unprecedented surge of interest from prospective students…While the College has significantly reduced the number of offers made to applicants in recent years in order to maintain the entering class size, demand has exceeded our expectations,’ [College spokesperson Diana] Lawrence wrote.”

Dartmouth’s Unexpectedly High Yield Leads to Housing Shortage and Creative Solution

And so how will Dartmouth be accommodating the more than 50 extra students they weren’t exactly anticipating matriculating? Well, they’re moving members of the Thought Project Living Learning Community from the academic-minded McLaughlin Cluster to frat row — specifically to the former Sigma Phi Epsilon house, which we happened to belong to during our undergraduate years. The house is currently on probation for alcohol violations and its future is a bit up in the air. We’d probably know more about its future if we took the time to read the dozens of emails alumni send so often but instead we send them directly to spam. Oops!

Anyhow, it’s pretty funny that this academic-minded thought community is going to be housed on frat row. Some members aren’t exactly so excited about the potential noise. We’re curious to see how this all works out so do check back in the coming months for an update if it hasn’t already been developed into a major motion picture by then.


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