Dartmouth College Class of 2023 Yield

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Dartmouth set a couple of records this year in admission.

A record 64% of students admitted to Dartmouth College’s Class of 2023 ultimately chose to matriculate to the College on the Hill. This yield rate is up from 61% for the Class of 2022 and 58% for the Class of 2021. So what a year it was for Dartmouth’s admissions office this year — not only did they boast the largest Dartmouth applicant pool since 2012 but the lowest admit rate in the school’s storied history and the highest yield rate to boot.

Dartmouth Continues to Seek out First-Generation, Low-Income Students

As Abigail Mihaly reports for America’s oldest college newspaper, The Dartmouth, in a piece entitled “Class of 2023 saw record yield rate, increased socioeconomic diversity,” “[Dean of admissions and financial aid Lee] Coffin said he was pleased with this year’s expansion of first-generation and lower-income students, and said he would continue to work to expand the portion of the class hailing from low- and middle-income backgrounds. He also said the office is increasingly reaching out to new areas of the United States and the world, focusing on places with growing populations that have not been historically emphasized in the recruitment process.”

Congratulations to Dartmouth’s admissions office on the banner year. It always makes for happy admissions officers when a high percentage of admitted students choose to attend.


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