Dartmouth College Class of 2023 Early Decision Statistics

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Congratulations to our students at Ivy Coach who got into Dartmouth this ED cycle!

The Dartmouth College Class of 2023 Early Decision statistics are in and we’ve got them for our readers. In all, a record 2,474 students made binding Early Decision commitments to attend the College on the Hill if granted admission. Of these 2,474 applicants, 574 ultimately got in during calendar year 2018. This marks a 23.2% Early Decision admit rate. At this time last year, 2,270 students had applied for Dartmouth’s Class of 2022 under its Early Decision policy; 24.9% ultimately got in. So it was quite the year for Dartmouth’s admissions office!

Dartmouth’s Record Class of 2023 Early Decision Pool

As reports Mary Winters for “The Dartmouth” in a piece entitled “Early decision cycle sees increase in applications,” “The accepted students will make up approximately 48 percent of the Class of 2023. The group of newly admitted students includes 138 recruited athletes and 25 students who applied through QuestBridge, a platform which connects low-income students with institutions of higher education. Additionally, 119 of the accepted students are projected to be valedictorians or salutatorians of their high school class.”

Congratulations to our students at Ivy Coach who earned admission to Dartmouth College this Early Decision cycle! We’re so very happy for you! You’re going to have such a wonderful four years in Hanover, New Hampshire with the Lone Pine above you, surrounded by the loyal ones who love her.


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