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August 24, 2018

Dartmouth Class of 2022 Yield

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Dartmouth set a yield record this year.

For the Dartmouth College Class of 20222, 19,763 students applied in the Regular Decision round. Of these students, 1,360 earned admission. And what percentage of these admitted students chose to matriculate to the College on the Hill? 64%. And, yes, it’s an all-time record for the Hanover, New Hampshire-based school founded back in 1769 to educate Native Americans. The 64% yield statistic shatters the mark that was set just last year for the Class of 2021 when 61% of admitted Regular Decision applicants chose to matriculate. In fact, the yield was so high for both the Class of 2021 and 2022 that Dartmouth — naturally — hasn’t admitted a single student from its waitlists either of the past two years.

A Record-Breaking Yield for Dartmouth’s Class of 2022

As reports Peter Charalambous in a piece for “The Dartmouth” entitled “Admissions yield increases to new high,” “[Dean of admissions and financial aid Lee] Coffin cited Dartmouth’s post-acceptance programming, such as Dimensions of Dartmouth, as a major factor in encouraging prospective students to eventually enroll at the College. According to Coffin, 77 percent of students who attend Dimensions enroll. Referring to an annual survey sent to accepted students, Coffin said that high levels of faculty engagement were a major selling point for the College. ’Ninety-two percent [of students] said excellence in teaching is the most important thing,’ Coffin said. ’And the second most important was undergraduate access to faculty. Does that sound like Dartmouth?’ The Class of 2022 is projected to be composed of about 1,150 students. Dartmouth admitted 1,925 students, representing a record-low 8.7 percent of its 22,033 applicants, for the Class of 2022.”

Congratulations to Dartmouth College’s admissions office on a record-breaking yield for its Class of 2022. Every highly selective university’s challenge each year is to convince the students they admit during the Regular Decision round to actually come since RD applicants are under no obligation to attend if offered admission. It seems like Dartmouth has no problem at all convincing some of the world’s most talented students to become loyal ones who love her, as Dartmouth’s alma mater goes. Well done, Dartmouth!

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