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March 7, 2017

Dartmouth Class of 2021 Applications

Dartmouth Class of 2021, 2021 at Dartmouth, Dartmouth College Applications
Ivy Coach is featured in a piece on applications for the Dartmouth Class of 2021 in today’s “The Dartmouth”

Ivy Coach appears today on the pages of America’s oldest college newspaper, “The Dartmouth.” In a piece by Joyce Lee entitled “College receives 20,021 applications for Class of 2021,” Ivy Coach Founder Bev Taylor offers insight into year-to-year fluctuations in applications to highly selective colleges like Dartmouth. She also offers an assessment of the advantages of applying Early Decision and she takes note of how Dartmouth has been finding more and more success each year in appealing to international applicants in particular — not only in inspiring them to apply but in inspiring them to matriculate.

While there was a slight decrease in the total number of applications submitted to Dartmouth for the Class of 2021 as compared to the number of applications submitted for Dartmouth’s Class of 2020, there’s nothing to read into and no cause for alarm for Dartmouth — especially when Early Decision applications to Dartmouth were up this year compared to last year. As Lee writes, “Founder of college admissions consulting firm Ivy Coach Bev Taylor said that the percentage decrease was not a significant number and that while numbers fluctuate year to year, it does not necessarily mean that highly selective colleges have became more or less competitive. ’More students applying doesn’t mean it gets more difficult [to get into the college],’ she said. ’All highly selective colleges are getting better at is getting students to apply by making [the colleges] more noticeable.’”

The piece goes on, “Taylor said that in recent years, Dartmouth has been more focused on and successful in recruiting international students, which was reflected in the numbers for early decision applications. She said that students may choose to apply early decision to the College because there may be a higher chance of acceptance through the early decision process than through regular decision or early action at other colleges. This could explain the record high number for early decision applicants this year. ’Dartmouth would rather see [early decision] numbers go up because it’s better for yield,’ Taylor said. ’It’s not so much the percentages [as the] yield.’”

We couldn’t have said it any better ourselves. Oh wait. Have a question about Dartmouth’s application numbers for the Class of 2021? Let us know your questions by posting a Comment below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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