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Dartmouth’s Class of 2018 will likely be the largest in the College on the Hill’s history.

Ivy League admission statistics are coming in after students have declared where they’ll be attending. At Dartmouth College, 1,210 students will be matriculating to the College on the Hill. This yield figure is higher than any figure from previous years. Of the matriculating students, 94% hail from the top 10% of their high school graduating class. The incoming Dartmouth class has the highest number of Latino students in the university’s history in addition to having the most first-generation students. Pretty cool.

So how did Dartmouth manage to secure its highest yield in history? Heavy recruiting. Dartmouth’s Dimensions programs during the month of April certainly contributed to giving admitted students a sense of what attending Dartmouth was all about. Over 1,300 students and family members attending one of these three Dimensions at Dartmouth events, according to the Office of Dartmouth Admissions. And 500 students and family members attended Dartmouth off-campus events like alumni club functions.

Congratulations to Dartmouth for their 54.5% yield rate this year. This was a major bump from last year’s 48.6% yield. According to an article on the Dartmouth yield by “Dartmouth News,” “Notwithstanding the normal attrition due to wait-list activity at other institutions and requests from students to take a gap year, the size of the incoming class will be somewhat higher than the projected class size of 1,120. The Admissions Office will admit fewer transfer students for the fall of 2014 in order to allow Dartmouth to accommodate an extra-large first year class. ‘The Class of 2014, the largest class ever to enroll at Dartmouth, numbered 1,138 at matriculation but the Class of 2018 is poised to break that record as well,’ notes Laskaris.”


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  • Allison says:

    In your opinion, does this extra large class bode poorly for the class of 2015 poised to apply to Dartmouth in the next admissions cycle?

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