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Congratulations to Dartmouth baseball alumnus Kyle Hendricks for leading the Chicago Cubs to their first World Series title in 108 years.

The moment was 108 years in the making. The Chicago Cubs’ World Series title drought came to an end last night at long last in one of the greatest baseball games of our lifetimes. It was a moment that generations had waited to witness. It was a moment that truly transcended sports. But our readers aren’t reading our college admissions blog to learn about the Chicago Cubs. So why are we writing about this epic game? Because the starting pitcher for the Cubs last night was an alumnus of Dartmouth College.

Kyle Hendricks, the Chicago Cubs’ starting pitcher in last night’s Game 7 of the MLB World Series is the pride of Dartmouth College. And today he is a World Series champion.

Go to the Dartmouth homepage today and you will see front and center the story of the now legendary Kyle Hendricks. This former Big Green pitcher has become one of Major League Baseball’s top talents, but last night he took the mound in what will surely go down as the most important game of his career — however long it may last. Because no matter how many more seasons he will play, no matter how many more games he will win, starting Game 7 for the Chicago Cubs in the World Series with a 108-year curse on the line will go down as the defining moment of his baseball career. It would be the defining moment of anyone’s baseball career.

Congratulations to this Dartmouth economics major, the pride of Hanover, on this epic moment. And congratulations to Theo Epstein, the Yale alumnus who runs the Cubs and put together this team that will never be forgotten. There is no executive in sports who has the resume of Epstein. After all, he ran the Boston Red Sox when they broke their 86-year curse some years ago.


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