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Do you know the name Joe Moglia? If you’re in the business sector you might. Joe Moglia is the current chairman of TD Ameritrade. He is also the company’s former CEO. But before Joe Moglia worked his way up to the top of the business world, he was a football coach for sixteen years. His last coaching position before pursuing a career on Wall Street at Merrill Lynch was as the defensive coordinator for Dartmouth College. But Mr. Moglia — faced with a family, mounting bills, and no clear path to a head coaching job at a university — turned to a job on Wall Street.

Fast forward through his improbably rise to leading TD Ameritrade and the former Dartmouth defensive coordinator — on the eve of the 2008 collapse — left his employ at TD Ameritrade to pursue his lifelong dream. His lifelong dream was to become a college football head coach. And so Joe Moglia took an unpaid internship at the University of Nebraska (TD Ameritrade is located in Nebraska) with the football team. He apprenticed under the head coach. He learned from him and refreshed his skill-set and knowledgebase. After all, he’d been out of the football world for so many years. We’re talking about a “billion-dollar volunteer football coach” here. Amazing, right?

And after a couple of football jobs since that unpaid internship, Joe Moglia has landed a head coaching position at a university alas. He is the current head coach of Coastal Carolina University. And what a coach to have! Imagine the lessons you can learn from a man who has worked his way to the top in business, but ultimately chose to pursue his dream by starting at the very bottom again in sports. Joe Moglia is quite the example and we bet Dartmouth College is proud that he once roamed its sidelines.


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