Dartmouth Answers Lawsuit

Dartmouth Lawsuit, Dartmouth Suit, Dartmouth Sexual Harassment
Dartmouth College has filed a response to a lawsuit filed against the school (photo credit: Derrick Smith).

Dartmouth College has submitted their answer to the complaint filed in the United States District Court for the District of New Hampshire in which the school’s board of trustees is being accused of essentially turning a blind eye to the sexual misconduct of three professors in its Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences. As our regular readers may remember, after extensive investigations, all three professors accused of misconduct are no longer under the employ of Dartmouth College and none are welcome to step foot on its Hanover, New Hampshire campus. Two of the professors resigned and one retired.

Dartmouth Claims ‘Prompt Action Was Taken’

As reports The Dartmouth Senior Staff in a piece for America’s oldest college newspaper entitled “Dartmouth denies knowingly permitting sexual misconduct in filing, stresses its prompt action,” “Dartmouth said ‘prompt action was in fact taken in response’ to allegations brought against the three professors prior to April 2017 and that the College ‘had no reason to believe, based on … isolated (and old) incidents, that the serious misconduct alleged by Plaintiffs might occur years later.’ The formal filing admits some nuances to the College’s denial of the allegations. It acknowledges that ‘the Former Professors engaged in improper conduct,’ but stresses that the College ‘took the unprecedented step of seeking to terminate the tenured employment of all three’ once Dartmouth senior administration members were made aware of what had occurred…Dartmouth states that the College’s decision-makers now understand the ‘unacceptable environment’ and inappropriate behavior between students and the three PBS professors which existed in or after 2014.”

We believe Dartmouth took unprecedented steps to rid out these professors and to put other professors on notice that this kind of misconduct will no longer be tolerated at the College on the Hill. All members of the Dartmouth community will now be required to complete formal sexual harassment training, which is certainly a step in the right direction. As to the claims of these seven women who filed the complaint against Dartmouth, that decision will of course rest with the court and we’ll be sure to update our readers with any significant developments in the case in the weeks and months to come.


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