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May 18, 2023

Dartmouth Acceptance Rate and Statistics

Dartmouth Hall, with its white bricks, is pictured on Dartmouth College's campus.
Dartmouth recorded a record applicant pool for the Class of 2027.

What is Dartmouth’s acceptance rate, you ask? If so, you’ve come to the right place as just as Bo knows baseball, Ivy Coach — a firm long nicknamed “The Dartmouth Whisperer” for our success in helping all of our students earn admission in the Early Decision round in 28 of the last 30 years (higher than any university to which our students apply) — knows Dartmouth.

So what is Dartmouth’s acceptance rate for the Class of 2027? How does Dartmouth’s overall admission rate for the Class of 2027 stack up to its historical admission rates? Wonder no more!

Dartmouth College Acceptance Rate for Class of 2027

For the Class of 2027, between the Early Decision and Regular Decision rounds of admission, 28,841 students applied — a record applicant pool. Of these students, 1,798 earned admission. The overall admission rate for the Dartmouth Class of 2027 thus stood at 6.23%.

In the Early Decision round for the Dartmouth Class of 2027, 3,009 students made binding commitments to attend if offered admission. Of these ED applicants, 578 students got in. The Early Decision admission rate for Dartmouth’s Class of 2027 thus stood at 19.2%, a historic low. An additional 47 students matched with Dartmouth through QuestBridge.

In the Regular Decision round for the Dartmouth Class of 2027, 25,832 students applied to the College on the Hill. Of these students, 1,173 earned admission. The Regular Decision admission rate thus stood at 4.54%.

Dartmouth Acceptance Rate for Classes of 2027-2007

Dartmouth Class YearTotal ApplicationsTotal Offers of AdmissionOverall Acceptance Rate
Class of 202728,8411,7986.23%
Class of 202628,3361,8086.38%
Class of 202528,3561,7506.17%
Class of 202421,3921,9729.22%
Class of 202323,6501,8757.93%
Class of 202222,0331,9258.74%
Class of 202120,0352,09310.45%
Class of 202020,6752,19010.59%
Class of 201920,5072,25010.97%
Class of 201819,2962,22011.5%
Class of 201722,4282,33710.42%
Class of 201623,1102,2609.78%
Class of 201522,3852,27010.14%
Class of 201418,7782,19311.68%
Class of 201318,1322,27912.57%
Class of 201216,5382,22813.47%
Class of 201114,1762,16615.28%
Class of 201013,9382,18615.68%
Class of 200912,7562,17117.02%
Class of 200811,7342,17318.52%
Class of 200711,8552,15518.18%

Dartmouth Acceptance Rate and Application Trends

So what are the trend lines with Dartmouth’s admissions statistics over the last two decades?

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