COVID-19 Cases Across the Ivies

As fall nears, are you wondering what the COVID-19 case counts are at the eight Ivy League universities? Well, each university reports the data a little bit differently so it’s not exactly comparing apples to apples. Some schools report undergraduate and graduate student data only while others report student, staff, and faculty data. Nonetheless, we do have some figures to share with our readers from the Ancient Eight institutions that can offer some insight into the matter.

As Pia Singh reports for The Daily Pennsylvanian in a piece entitled “Penn has one of the highest COVID-19 case counts among colleges in the United States,” “Penn is reporting 176 confirmed or probable coronavirus cases which comprise of undergraduate, graduate, and professional students currently in the country and abroad…Yale University has 220 confirmed cases and has conducted more than 4,000 symptomatic tests since March 10, while Harvard University has found 160 confirmed cases as of July 27. Princeton University has 97 diagnosed cases after testing 527 students and employees, according to a July 23 update. Dartmouth College and Columbia University currently have 48 and two reported cases, respectively, The New York Times reported.” Brown University and Cornell University, apparently, have not reported their case counts.

With fall just around the corner and with several Ivy League schools announcing plans to re-open under hybrid models of instruction, let’s hope these numbers dip — and fast. UPenn, in particular, has announced plans to have all of its undergraduates back on campus this fall, though it should be noted the school has only two active cases and neither of those cases are currently present on campus. So while the headline that UPenn has one of the highest COVID-19 case counts among U.S. colleges can be alarming, it should all be put in perspective.


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