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May 12, 2020

Cornell University Class of 2024 Waitlist Data

Cornell University offered admission to many students off its waitlist prior to May 1st (photo credit: Justin Ennis).

Cornell University, which has yet to release data on its Class of 2024 Regular Decision and overall admit rates, has released some figures that concern waitlisted applicants to its incoming class. Prior to May 1st, Cornell offered admission to 164 students from its waitlist. And why would Cornell offer admission to these students before the May 1st deadline, the time at which students declare where they will be matriculating? Because of all the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic — and specifically the question marks surrounding the number of domestic students who will be taking gap years so as to avoid potential online learning and the number of international students who will not be able to attend.

“[Jonathan] Burdick said he authorized 164 admits from the waitlist, which is in line with the typical rate of 4 to 5 percent of the incoming class.”

The Cornell Daily Sun

But wait, there’s more data leaking out of Cornell. By May 1st, Cornell received 3,344 commitments from students, a figure that Cornell’s vice provost for enrollment, Jonathan Burdick, indicates is “higher than our target,” as reports Meghana Srivastava and Madeline Rosenberg in a piece entitled “Cornell Receives ’Higher Than Target’ Admissions Acceptances for Class of 2024” for The Cornell Daily Sun. As they report, “As usual, the admissions office expects some admitted students will change their plans over the summer, Burdick said, requiring the University to revisit the waitlist to fill up spots. However, besides these few potential admits, Burdick said Cornell has no plans to admit more students at this time. In 2019, 3,218 students entered the Class of 2023 out of 49,114 applicants and 5,330 offers of admission. The class saw an acceptance rate of approximately 10.9 percent and a yield rate of 60.2 percent.”

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