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December 19, 2019

Cornell University Class of 2024 Early Decision Statistics

All of Ivy Coach’s students who applied to Cornell University’s Class of 2024 this Early Decision round earned admission (photo credit: Justin Ennis).

In all, 6,615 students applied under Cornell University’s binding Early Decision policy in the hope of earning admission to the Cornell Class of 2024. The Early Decision applicant pool was the largest in Cornell’s storied history. Of these 6,615 applicants, 1,576 earned admission — a figure that compares to 1,395 for the Class of 2023 and 1,533 for the Class of 2022. The ED admit rate for the Class of 2024 thus stood at 23.8%. For the Class of 2023, despite a smaller applicant pool, the university admitted more students in the ED round and thus the Early Decision admit rate last year stood at 22.6%. It was 24.4% for the Class of 2022. And just how do the Early Decision admits to the Cornell University Class of 2024 break down? Wonder no more!

Breakdown of the Early Decision Admits to the Cornell Class of 2024

As Meghna Maharishi reports for The Cornell Daily Sun in a piece entitled “Cornell’s Early Decision Acceptance Rate Increases to 23.8 Percent for Class of 2024,” “Of the accepted students, 51.6 percent are women — a four percent decrease from last year. Students of color comprise 39.7 percent of admitted students, a similar figure to the percentage of students of color admitted early for the Class of 2023. Early decision applications from underrepresented minorities also increased by 11 percent. Legacy students — whom the University recommends applying early decision — constitute 22.1 percent of the class, the same as last year. Athletes are 12.1 percent of the admitted class, a 1.4 percent decrease from last year…Compared to last year, the percentage for international students admitted early decision also rose, with international students composing 13.6 percent of early admits.”

Ivy Coach’s Perfection at Cornell

21.7% of Cornell applicants were deferred in the Early round — meaning they generally still have a shot but only if they play their cards right. This same deferred figure stood at 24.3% for the Class of 2023 and 22.9% for the Class of 2022. So a smaller percentage of applicants’ admission was deferred this year as compared to the last couple of years, which should offer deferred students to Cornell’s Class of 2024 even greater hope. But at Ivy Coach, none of our students were deferred or denied admission to Cornell’s Class of 2024. Rather, Ivy Coach congratulates all of our Early Decision applicants to Cornell University’s Class of 2024. Like at every other highly selective college this year, including every Ivy League school, you all got in! Go Big Red!

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