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Columbia University tuition tops the Ivies while Princeton University doesn’t cost quite as much to attend.

A couple of months ago, we showed you the 2011-2012 tuition statistics for seven of the eight Ivy League colleges. The data for┬áColumbia University tuition, often the most expensive Ivy League university, wasn’t yet in. It’s in now. For undergraduates at Columbia next year, tuition will be raised by $1,000, marking a 4.98% increase, according to the “Columbia Chronicle.” The tuition hike was 3.3% for the previous academic year. Graduate students at Columbia will have to endure a 7.5% tuition hike.

Columbia tuition will now be $57,684 a year by our records. This figure includes tuition, room, board, and fees. Columbia University will thus maintain its position as the most expensive Ivy League college for undergraduate students. Dartmouth tuition stands at $55,365 for next year, Cornell at $54,645, Penn at $53,976, Brown at $53,136, Yale at $52,700, Harvard at $52,650, and Princeton at $49,069. Princeton is the least expensive Ivy League college.

Check out our blog on Ivy League Tuition as well as our post on why College Tuition goes up at a much higher rate than inflation. And take a look at the “Columbia Chronicle” article on Columbia’s Tuition Hike.

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