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March 31, 2024

Columbia University Class of 2028 Admissions Statistics

Columbia University has released its Class of 2028 admissions decisions. Between the Early Decision and Regular Decision rounds of admission, 60,248 students applied to the Morningside Heights-based Ivy League institution, the third-highest application tally in the school’s history. It was, in many ways, a bounce-back year for Columbia after rising in the 2024 US News & World Report ranking after an unprecedented fall. So, what happened this year at Columbia?

Columbia Class of 2028 Statistics in Historical Perspective

The 60,248 applicants to the Columbia Class of 2028 fell short of the 60,377 applicants to the Class of 2026 and the record 60,551 applicants to the Class of 2025. But this year’s 60,248 applicants marked a 5.18% jump from last year’s 57,129 applicants.

Of the 60,248 students who applied to Columbia’s Class of 2028, 2,319 earned admission between the two rounds of admission, marking an overall admission rate of 3.85%. This year’s overall admission rate is the second-lowest in the Ivy League school’s history, eclipsed only by the 3.73% of students who earned admission to the Columbia Class of 2026. Last year, for the Class of 2027, the overall admission rate stood at 3.93%. So, a bounce-back year it was for the Lions of Columbia!

The Rationale Behind Columbia’s Jump in Applications

Why the jump in applications? In 2023, Columbia was mired in a US News reporting scandal. One of its own professors caught the school with its hand in the cookie jar, misreporting data to the publication of the all-important annual ranking. That scandal led to Columbia’s freefall in the rankings — from #2 to #18.

Since the US News ranking is a critical tool for college applicants as they make their college choices, including where to apply, fewer students submitted applications to the Columbia Class of 2027. And while Columbia would eventually withdraw from the rankings by refusing to release data to the publication, hoping to avoid such scandals in the future, such a move proved futile. US News ranked the school anyway — and it ranked Columbia #12 in 2024, up from #18.

That surge in the 2024 US News rankings is Exhibit A-Z on why Columbia’s applications bounced back during the 2023-2024 admissions cycle.

Profile of Columbia Admits to the Class of 2028

Students admitted to Columbia’s Class of 2028 hail from all fifty nifty United States from 13 original colonies in addition to Washington, D.C., Guam, Puerto Rico, the Mariana Islands, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

We want to share more details about the latest batch of students admitted to Columbia, but the school hasn’t yet offered such information. In a post-Affirmative Action landscape, even though all of America’s elite universities, including Columbia, are circumventing Affirmative Action through Chief Justice John Roberts’ loophole by offering students the chance to write about their race in their essays, the schools are not sharing the breakdown by race of admitted students.

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