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January 24, 2020

Class of 2024 Early Admission Rates Across Ivy League

Early applications to Dartmouth College may have fallen this year — like at most Ivy League schools — but it still marked the third largest Early application pool in the school’s history (photo credit: Derrick Smith).

Curious how the Early Decision / Early Action round went down across the Ivy League for the Class of 2024? Wonder no more. Let’s start with Early application figures. At Harvard University, Early Action applications dipped 7.7% from last year (for the Class of 2023). At Yale University, Early Action applications dipped 4%. At Princeton, the school has yet to release the total Early Action application figure for the Class of 2024. The same is true at Columbia University for its Early Decision pool. At the University of Pennsylvania, Early Decision applications dropped 9% this year. At Brown University, Early Decision applications rose 8%. At Dartmouth College, Early Decision applications dropped 16.4%. And at Cornell University, Early Decision applications climbed 7.4%. So of the six Ivy League schools that have thus far reported their Early application numbers, applications dropped at four of them — which is surely not something we write very often when reporting on application cycles!

Ivy League Admissions Figures Can Vary from Year to Year

It’s always important, however, to consider these figures with six grains of salt. After all, it sounds like Dartmouth College, which saw a 16.4% drop in Early Decision applications this year, had a subpar Early cycle. But in fact, Dartmouth received the third most ED applications in the university’s long history. It’s all in the presentation of the data, you see! But it is always interesting when a school, like Princeton this year, didn’t report the number of Early applications. It’s not like the school didn’t report lots of other relevant data points about its Early pool. One could argue the school is not trying to increase stress surrounding the admissions process by making it seem like it’s super difficult to get into Princeton (which it is!). Or one could argue the school is trying to hide a drop in Early interest.

All Ivies That Have Thus Far Reported The Data, Except Brown, See Higher Early Admit Rates

In any case, if you’re curious to compare Early acceptance rates for the Class of 2024 across the Ivies, here you go! At Dartmouth College, the school boasted a 26.4% admit rate, a figure that compares to 23.2% for the Class of 2023 ED pool. At Cornell University, the ED acceptance rate for the Class of 2024 stood at 23.8% compared to 22.6% for the Class of 2023. At the University of Pennsylvania, 19.7% of ED applicants earned admission this year compared to 18% for the Class of 2023. At Brown University, 17.5% of ED applicants got in this cycle compared to 18.2% for the Class of 2023. At Harvard, 13.9% of EA applicants earned admission to the Class of 2024 compared to 13.4% for the Class of 2023. And at Yale University, 13.8% of EA applicants got in this year compared to 13.2% for the Class of 2023. We’re still waiting on data for Princeton and Columbia. But of the six Ivy League schools that have reported data thus far, all Ivy League schools — with the exception of Brown — had higher admission rates this Early cycle.

We’ll be updating our comprehensive Ivy League Statistics for the Class of 2024 in the weeks to come so stay tuned for more information on the incoming classes at each of the Ancient Eight institutions.

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