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August 27, 2018

Class of 2022 Ivy League Admissions Stats

Learn more about the Class of 2022 at all eight Ivies (photo credit: Daderot).

How did the Class of 2022 at each of the eight Ivy League schools stack up against previous classes? We know you’ve been restless, eager to learn more about the admissions statistics at these schools for this past admissions cycle. So let’s put an end to that restlessness with some information on the applicant pools and admitted students at Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Dartmouth, Brown, Penn, and Cornell for the Class of 2022. To start things off, which of the eight Ivy League schools had the lowest overall admit rate this past year? …That would be — surprise, surprise — Harvard University. Harvard boasted a 4.6% overall admit rate, the lowest admit rate in Harvard’s storied history (and down from 5.2% for the Classes of 2021 and 2020).

Ivy League Class of 2022 Admissions Statistics

While Harvard may have won the grand prize for the lowest overall admit rate, Princeton and Columbia come in next, each with 5.5% admit rates. Yale had a 6.3% overall admit rate. Brown’s admit rate stood at 7.2%, Penn’s at 8.4%, Dartmouth’s 8.7%, and Cornell’s 10.3%. So seven of the eight Ivy League schools offered admission at a rate lower than 9% for the Class of 2022 — quite a benchmark indeed.

But there are more admissions statistics to analyze than merely the overall admit rate. Which school received the most total applications? That would be — surprise, surprise — Cornell University. Cornell received 51,328 total applications. Penn received 44,482, while Harvard received 42,749 apps. Columbia took in 40,203 applications, Brown 35,438, Princeton 35,370, Yale 35,306, and Dartmouth 22,033.

The Early Advantage at All Eight Ivy League Schools

As is traditionally the case, the respective Early Decision / Single Choice Early Action acceptance rates at the eight Ivy League schools are quite different from the Regular Decision acceptance rates at these same schools this year. Dartmouth offered admission to 24.9% of Early Decision candidates, Cornell 24.3%, Brown 21%, Penn 18.5%, and Columbia 15.9%. Princeton offered Single Choice Early Action admission to 14.8% of applicants, Yale 14.7%, and Harvard 14.5%. This compares to Regular Decision admission rates of 6.9% for Dartmouth, 8.3% for Cornell, 5.7% for Brown, 6.5% for Penn, 4.3% for Columbia, 3.8% for Princeton, 4.7% for Yale, and 2.8% for Harvard. So is there an advantage to applying Early at every Ivy League school? YASSS!

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