Class of 2019 Brown Admissions Statistics

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The admissions data is in for Brown’s Class of 2019 and we’ve got it for our readers (photo credit: Ad Meskens).

At Brown University, for the Class of 2019, just under 8.5% of applicants earned admission. In the second largest applicant pool in Brown’s history, 30,397 students in total, 2,580 earned admission to the Rhode Island-based Ivy League university. This figure includes the more than 600 students who earned admission to Brown in the Early round (which means that 1,970 students earned admission in the Regular Decision round). This just under 8.5% admission rate broke last year’s record of an 8.6% admission rate. It’s like swim times…every tenth matters. And don’t glide into the wall with that last stroke of butterfly. Come on, you’ve got to remember that incredible Michael Phelps Olympic touch-out. It hasn’t been that long!

According to an article on Brown’s admissions statistics for the Class of 2019 in “The Brown Daily Herald,” “The percentage of first-generation college students admitted decreased from 18 percent last year to 13 percent this year, [Jim] Miller, [Brown’s Dean of Admissions], said. Sixty-one percent of admits intend to apply for financial aid — slightly down from last year’s 67 percent, he said. Admitted students hail from all 50 states and 85 countries, according to a University press release. Among domestic admits, the best-represented states are California, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Texas. Among international admits, the top five countries represented are China, the United Kingdom, Canada, India and Korea. The diversity of the admitted class of 2019 is fairly consistent with that in the past few admission cycles, Miller said. Forty-five percent of admits self-identify as African American, Latino, Native American or Asian American. Fifty-nine percent of admits attend public high schools, while 41 percent attend either private or parochial schools.”

Congratulations to all of our Ivy Coach students who earned admission to Brown University this year. We’re extremely happy for you and we love the notes we received from you these past days! And as for Brown’s waitlist, Jim Miller, Brown’s Dean of Admissions, did say that Brown does indeed intend to go to their list. So for those on Brown’s waitlist who’d like assistance with trying to get in, fill out our free consultation form to inquire about our Ivy Coach services.


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