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Avoid Chinese admissions agents and “consultants.” They’re super confused about the Ivy League admissions process. And, at times, unethical.

Ivy Coach’s Ivy League admissions statistics were cited in an article of “China News” that we’d like to offer a little commentary on. In the piece entitled “Chinese face tougher hurdles for Ivy League schools,” there are a few misconceptions. Let’s start with the headline. The Chinese aren’t facing tougher hurdles for Ivy League admissions. It’s been tough for several years. Just because an admission rate at an Ivy League school drops by a point (from, say, 9% to 8%), that doesn’t mean it was tougher to get in this year as compared to last year. Just because more students apply, that doesn’t make a school more difficult to get into. Highly selective colleges actively encourage all students to apply — including unqualified students. That means that a student who barely spelled his name correctly on the SAT may well get brochures from Harvard, Yale, and Princeton. Is it wrong? Yes. Is it misleading? Yes. But all colleges do it and it is what it is!

Just because you get a brochure from a highly selective college, that doesn’t mean that college might actually admit you. It is an indication of absolutely nothing other than the school’s desire to get you to apply to boost their number of applications, lower their admission rate, and, in turn, improve their all-important “US News & World Report” ranking. The sooner you accept this, the better. In this way, you won’t get your hopes up. You won’t have unreasonable expectations, and you won’t get upset when Harvard denies you admission with your ‘C’ average and subpar SAT score.

And as for the vast majority of Chinese “admissions consultants,” choose wisely. We work with students all the time. You don’t need to work with a Chinese “admissions agent” just because they’re in China. Ivy Coach is in China, too! In this particular piece, a Chinese “consultant” states: “We’ve found that students should score higher than 110 (out of 120) on the TOEFL and 2,200 (out of 2,400) in the SAT to secure their admission to prestigious American universities. But in previous years, more than 105 in TOEFL and more than 2,100 on the SAT was adequate,’ he said.” Wrong! No scores will “secure” you admission. Not perfect grades and scores. Nothing will “secure” you admission. If someone tells you they can secure you admission, run for the hills!

Also, what this Chinese news report doesn’t say is that the Chinese Department of Education has a hand in sending students to the United States because there aren’t enough seats at the few top Chinese universities. That’s why the Minister of Education invited Ivy Coach to speak in Nanjing and Beijing.

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