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February 19, 2013

Brown University Tuition

Brown University tuition will rise by 4% next year (photo credit: Ad Meskens).

What goes up but doesn’t ever come down? College tuition of course. Brown University will have their biggest tuition hike in three years. Next year, Brown University tuition will go up by 4%. Why the significant rise? The university is anticipating $902 million in expenses for the next fiscal year and $897.6 in revenue. That means that they’ve got to make up the money somewhere. According to “The Brown Daily Herald,” last year, the university had to dip into the school’s reserves — a $9 million dip.

According to “The Brown Daily Herald,” “The increase in the University’s operation budget reflects higher expenditures on graduate student stipends, staff and faculty salaries, the School of Engineering, campus safety efforts and information technology, as well as a slightly larger number of faculty positions, according to [Brown president Christina] Paxson’s email. The tuition increase was ’one of the toughest decisions’ the URC had to make, [Beppie] Huidekoper said, adding that the total of Brown’s tuition and fees is lower than those of most other Ivies. Poor endowment returns in recent years provided part of the need to raise tuition, she said. As federal funding streams for research dry up over the next few years, the University will continue to seek new sources of revenue, Huidekoper said.”

What do you think about Brown’s decision to raise tuition by 4% for next year? Do you think this is too steep of a tuition hike? Let us know your thoughts on the matter by posting below!

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