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There is an interesting article today in “The Brown Daily Herald” that discusses what Brown University students intend to do after they graduate from college. 25% don’t know what to do. 35% plan to enroll in graduate school. And 25% plan to get jobs (for the previous class of Brown University students, half of those students who got jobs took them in the non-profit or government sectors). The remaining will participate in service programs.

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In this chart from “The Brown Daily Herald,” Brown University graduates tend to put off getting jobs. And for those that do get jobs after graduation from Brown, they tend to get them in the non-profit or government sectors, according to research.

According to “The Brown Daily Herald,” “Just over 35 percent of undergraduates plan to attend medical, law, business or graduate school immediately following graduation, according to last month’s Herald poll. About one-fourth of current students — 23.9 percent — indicated they plan to take up jobs after graduation, and 7.6 percent indicated they will be participating in service programs such as Teach for America and the Peace Corps. More than one-fourth of undergraduates are still unsure about their plans. According to data collected by the Career Development Center, 56 percent of the class of 2009 were employed as of April 2010, while 27 percent of that class told the CDC they were enrolled in full-time education programs.”

Do you think it’s surprising that Brown University students tend to take jobs in the non-profit and government sectors? Do you think it’s surprising that such a large percentage of graduates don’t know what to do upon their graduation or that 35% go on to attend graduate school directly after graduation? Let us know your thoughts!

Check out the article “One-third plan further education after graduation” in “The Brown Daily Herald” here.

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